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Re: The North American Newspaper Alliance (NANA)

Vincent (Ted) Lee, who died a few years ago, testified at some length to a Congressional committee investigating the JFK assassination. Lee had become secretary of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee as a neutral figure that its two main factions (CP and SWP) could tolerate. He had joined the Merchant Marine during WWII while still a minor, and after the war became involved in various anti-war and left-wing activities.

Re: The North American Newspaper Alliance (NANA)

I had never heard of the North American Newspaper Alliance so I did some digging in my archives. A few references:

In a 1945 State Department report entitled "Memorandum on the Post-War International Information Program of the United States", on p33 is a passage about the establishment of Press Wireless Inc. It was established on 5 July 1929 with five newspapers as it original stockholders with "nominal stock participation by several news agencies -- the Associated Press, the United Press, King Features Syndicate, and the North American Newspaper Alliance."