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Re: A query about the future of Jhistory

Thanks for starting this conversation, David. I've been helping moderate this list since 2014, and while the announcements are usually interesting and useful (and often different than the ones we get from other sources), what I've found most enjoyable are the occasional posts that spark substantive discussions about historiographical concerns. Those are few are far between, but I personally would like to see more of them.

Re: A query about the future of Jhistory

Hello David,

Thanks for this message.

I think the idea of Zoom meet-ups is a good idea. Pandemic or not, excellent scholarship is continuing across our community, not least from our doctoral and early-career members. Offering a platform where researchers can have safe, encouraging spaces to share ongoing projects would be a terrific addition to JHistory.

Would love to know what the rest of the community thinks.

Very best