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CFP - Home thoughts from abroad: History the Press and Diaspora, UCC, Ireland, 21-22 November 2014



Conference 2014 – Call for Papers

The theme for the seventh annual NPHFI Conference, to be held at University College Cork on Friday and Saturday, 21 & 22 November 2014, is:

Home thoughts from abroad: History, the Press and Diaspora

Proposals are welcome for papers that address the relationship between the press and diaspora in Irish and other historical contexts. The focus of the papers should be print journalism, and topics that might be addressed include:

Bibliography of Muckrakers on the Press?

Dear fellow listmembers:

There were a lot of articles in the muckraking magazines, say 1900 - 1918, on the press.

Is there a complete (more or less) bibliography or list of these?

If there were any books (press criticism, the same period, before Sinclair, The Brass Check), then those too. I don't know of any.


Grover Furr
Montclair State University