(Jeju 4.3 Peace Foundation, ROK) Application for the Jeju 4.3 Research Funding is now open

Youngkwan Ban Contribution

4·3 Research Funding Application

In order to build a theoretical foundation for Jeju 4‧3, the Jeju 4‧3 Peace Foundation is announcing the '2023 4‧3 Academic Research Fund' as follows, and we hope that many talented young and early-career researchers will apply.


  •  Research Paper (select less than 10) : Award KRW 5 Million
    • New unpublished manuscripts (approx.. 15~20 pages)
    • Foreign language papers are also accepted. However, an English or Korean abbreviated version must be submitted.
  •  Book (Academic) (select less than 10) : Award KRW 10 Million
    • New unpublished manuscripts (approx. 150~200 pages) (*Not for the edited book)
    • Manuscripts scheduled for publication

2.Research Subject

  • Academic research on 4-3 related events, organizations, people, etc. before and after March 1, 1947 and September 21, 1954
  • Post-September 21, 1954 Academic research that analyzes, evaluates, and offers perspectives on 4-3 and 4-3 problem-solving.
  • Academic research on related domestic and international historical issues and implications for 4-3 and 4-3 resolution
  • Research in line with peace, human rights, and reconciliation


  • Researchers, lecturers, and graduate students affiliated with academic research institutes (research centers) and educational institutions at home and abroad, and researchers who have the ability to publish and publish papers.
  • Researchers who have plans to publish a journal (candidate for listing) or book within the second half of 2024
  • Applicants may apply alone or in groups of up to 3 people


  • Each Application should be summited by Apr. 20, 2023 (Thu.) 18:00
  • Result announcement: scheduled for May 8, 2023 (Mon.) Jeju 4-3 Peace Foundation website and individual notification
  • Research Application Process: After selection, 50% of the funding will be paid first. Final payment of 50% after the project is completed and reviewed. (Final Result Submission: Nov. 20, 2023 (Mon))

5.How to Apply

6.Documents to be submitted

  • Application form (Form 1)
  • Research plan (Form 2-1, Research Paper Only)
  • Publication plan (Form 2-2, Book Only)
    • Sample manuscript (Book Only), 10 pages or more
  • Consent to provide personal information (Form 3)
  • (Download forms here)

7. Selection Process and Criteria

  •  Selection Process
    • The Foundation appoints experts in related fields to form a review committee to review the submissions
    • Select from the reviewed manuscripts that meet the criteria in order of highest score
  • Judging Criteria
    • Appropriateness: Appropriateness of topic, appropriateness of content
    • Originality: New contribution to academic and social development
    • Research method, fidelity of citation of prior research and references, etc.
    • Other: Completeness of the project, etc.

8. Other Details

  • Applicants who are selected for funding will be required to sign an agreement with the Foundation to support their academic research.
  • Applicants selected for support are obligated to fulfill their research activities in accordance with the agreement, and if they are rejected in the final screening, the final grant may not be paid.
  • Applicants selected for support must comply with research ethics (complying with the recommended regulations of the National Research Foundation of Korea), and violations may result in cancellation of support.
  • Applicants who are selected for funding must adhere to the submission date of the research report.
  • Applicants selected for support must indicate the fact of support as required by the Foundation on the final product.
  • Any disadvantages caused by incorrect, missing or unavailable information in the application documents, unannounced winners, etc. will be the responsibility of the applicant.
  • If there are no suitable applicants, the Foundation may not select candidates for academic research support.
  • Documents received will not be returned.
  • The contents of this announcement are subject to change due to the circumstances of the Jeju 4‧3 Peace Foundation.
  • Inquiries: Jeju 4-3 Peace Foundation Research Office 4-3 Academic Research Support Project Manager