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Announcing “Inversions and Subversions: Leone de’ Sommi’s Purim Comedy of Betrothal” (Internet Resource)

In honor of the Purim holiday, I wanted to share with the H-Judaic community my harzagah or academic performance, “Inversions and Subversions: Leone de’ Sommi’s Purim Comedy of Betrothal,” which can be viewed online at https://youtu.be/-njuXO2sqso.


Consortium Perspectives: The Economization of Global Health

The Consortium for History of Science, Technology and Medicine invites you to watch this presentation on the creation of World Development Report 1993, an influential document in the history of global health. Economists Dean T. Jamison and Abdo Yazbeck discuss their role at the World Bank in producing World Development Report 1993 and the economization of global health more broadly.

Watch the video now: https://www.chstm.org/video/109

Roundtable on African American Families in the Civil War Era (Part 1)

Dear H-CivWar Subscribers,

Today we feature the first part of a roundtable discussion on the complexities of life for African American families in the Civil War era. Joining me for this discussion are Hilary N. Green (University of Alabama), Kelly D. Mezurek (Walsh University), and Amy Murrell Taylor (University of Kentucky). Each scholar touches on many vital issues that argue analyzing African American families provide us with a more profound and personal way of understanding the war and its aftermath. 

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