New Peer-reviewed Paper to Read.

Happy New Year for 2022. 

Dear Maritine History List Members,

Just to inform you that a new peer-reviewed paper has been published, in Academia Letters, explaining the methodology for deciphering the language and writing system for the Medieval manuscript MS408 (Ischia, Voynich). The paper is titled: The Manuscript and the Meandering Mind. There are many pages of useful historical information yet to be translated. The mansucript includes much information about the maritime cultures of Ischia, Vulcano and Lipari in the Tyrrhenian Sea. 

Re: Political Crimes thru Treason, Sedition and/or Terrorism: by or against Govt/persons

This definition gives direct attention to treason, sedition and/or terrorism as an act in hostile action against govt and political authority.

With this general definition, the class can also be one that includes States' actions against its own citizens, as political crimes, by govt., and /or govt. officials using or misusing various legal and political authority and/or military authority and forces.

It is here posted as reference source among a number. History examples might deserveto be cited for a more complete historical indication.

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