H-Diplo/ISSF Roundtable 13-6 on Scorecard Diplomacy: Grading States to Influence their Reputation and Behavior

H-Diplo | ISSF Roundtable 13-6


Judith Kelley.  Scorecard Diplomacy: Grading States to Influence their Reputation and Behavior.  New York: Cambridge University Press 2017.  ISBN:  9781107199972 (hardback, $105.00); 9781316649138 (paperback, $34.99).

"Podcasting Africa" on YouTube

List members might be interested in watching "Podcasting Africa: Pedagogy, Research and Praxis" on YouTube: https://youtu.be/uku5BDThfyY

The presenters are Reginold Royston (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Peter Alegi (Michigan State University), Msia Kibona Clark (Howard University), Kim Yi Dionne (University of California, Riverside). Q&A follows the presentations. This roundtable was originally part of the 2021 African Studies Association Annual Meeting.


Re: H-Diplo Roundtable XXIII-19 on Lüthi.  Cold Wars: Asia, The Middle East, Europe

Lloyd Gardner is correct in saying that Lorenz Luthi treats Vietnamese Communist visions of a revolution extending beyond Indochina as confirmation of the domino theory. I do not think this argument is correct.

The domino theory was not a statement about Communist desires. It was a statement about Communist capabilities. It said not just that the Communists were casting covetous eyes on a broad area, but that the Communists would actually get the whole of that broad area, or at least become very likely to get it, if some particular land fell to them, triggering a chain reaction.

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