Re: H-Diplo|RJISSF Roundtable Review 14-9 on Malkasian, "The American War in Afghanistan" and Whitlock, "The Afghanistan Papers"

In response to Conrad Crane's argument that moral judgments of a policy should be based more on intentions than on outcomes, and that we need a standard of right and wrong that can be applied beforehand, I would suggest that even intentions may be clearer in hindsight than they were at the time decisions were made. If people try really hard to make their actions consistent with their good intentions, and fail, we should give them moral credit.

H-Environment Roundtable on Zallen, American Lucifiers

Dear Colleagues,

I'm happy to announce a new edition of H-Environment Roundtables. This one discusses Jeremy Zallen's American Lucifers: the Dark History of Artificial Light, 1750-1865. The exchanges between the commentators and author are a fruitful examination of labor and progress tales in history. Please enjoy and distribute widely.

Roundtable Review, Vol. 13, No. 1 (2023)

Zallen, "American Lucifers: The Dark History of Artificial Light, 1750-1865," H-Environment Roundtable vol. 13, no. 1 (2023)

Dear Colleagues,

Announcing a new edition of H-Environment Roundtables featuring Jeremy Zallen's American Lucifers: The Dark History of Artificial Light, 1750-1865. Please enjoy and distribute widely.

Title: American Lucifers: THe Dark History of Artificial Light, 1750-1865

Author: Jeremy Zallen

Contributors: Julie A. Cohn, Ann Daly, Nicolas Kenny, Matthew T. Huber

Editor: Melanie A. Kiechle

23. Feb. - Roundtable 'Between Philosophy and Mysticism: Henri and Mina Bergson and the Golden Dawn' | John Ó Maoilearca, Professor Critical and Historical Studies at Kingston University, London (Online&Offline Event)

This roundtable covers a fascinating yet little known moment in history. At the turn of the twentieth century, the brother and sister, Henri Bergson and Mina Bergson, were both living in Paris and working on seemingly very different but nonetheless complementary approaches to questions concerning the nature of matter, spirit, time, and memory. He was a leading professor within the French academy. She was a celebrated feminist and occultist, performing on theatre stages around Paris.

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