Theoretical frameworks for studying battles

Hello to all. Apologies if you've seen me ask this same thing in other venues.

I'm looking for recommendations on theoretical frameworks for studying battles or campaigns, preferably recent work. The field has moved away from drums and bugle campaign studies over the decades (though of course they still exist) as we've come to ask different questions about war, warfare, and the military besides "why was this commander great/poor?" and "was this battle decisive?" All of which is fine and valuable, as there is so much more.

Another Ukrainian Scholar Placement Database (in Ukrainian) // Академічні організації, які допомагають українським студентам та науковцям – біженцям

Please forward to whomever might need it

The list of around 150 announcements for Ukrainian refugee scholars and students, compliled by Jan Surman (with great help of a number of colleagues) in Ukrainian (initially proofread then not...): . Updated daily.


(Список оновлено 31 березня) Академічні організації, які допомагають українським студентам та науковцям – біженцям

ANN: Mapping Ottoman heritage in Greece - new interactive map site

Dear Colleagues, 

This interactive new web map site also provides bibliographies for specific places via Zotero links. Worth looking at. Also offers link to webside CARTO for building similar maps.

Mary Pedley

Chernobyl as a Historical Causera: Environment, Politics, and Science



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Time: 9-10 December 2022

Location: University of Naples Federico II

Conveners: University of Naples Federico II (RCC alumna Elisabetta Plini), Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, and Harvard Ukrainian Institute

Journal ToC: Feminist Critique. Special Issue. 5 (2022)

Feminist Critique: East European Journal of Feminist and Queer Studies

Feminist Critique publishes papers on a wide range of topics that have, however, strong feminist and/or queer-theoretical positionality. We consider feminism broader than merely debates on women's rights and gender equality, and we see queer theory as more than a discussion on LGBT.

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