Re: Research Query: English Translation of "The Alphabet of Rabbi Akiva"

My neighbors in the Smith-Greenspring neighborhood of Baltimore recently got this version in the mail, translated by Yaacov David Shulman:

I don't know if they got volume 1 or 2.

Re: Research Query: English Translation of "The Alphabet of Rabbi Akiva"

There is a new English translation of the Alphabet of Rabbi Akiva. From the catalogue of the National Library of Israel:
Otiyyot de-Rabbi Akiva. English. 2018. Scranton, Pa..
Title The aleph beit of Rebbi Akiva / translated by Yaacov Dovid Shulman.
Alternate title The alef bet of Rebi ʻAḳiva
‫ על המעטפת: אותיות דרבי עקיבא ‬
‫ כותר התחל: אלפא ביתא דרבי עקיבא ‬
Edition Yeshiva Beth Moshe edition.
Imprint [Scranton] : Yeshiva Beth Moshe, 5778.
Baltimore, MD : Power Sefer Press.

Re: Coming Soon, H-Nationalism’s Question of the Month!

Thanks a lot, Simon. 

I have searched some of the top ranking nationalism studies journals (Nations and nationalism, SEN -Studies of ethnicity and nationalism, Nationalism and ethnic politics, Ethnicities, Ethnopolitics) and couldn't find any article even touching the complex relationship between nationalism and climate change. I have only found a small number of mostly circumstantial (casual) mentions of climate change according to the following distribution:

REPLY: Request for advice on archival sources

Hello Robert,
Many years ago, I conducted similar research for the book Fighting Slavery in the Caribbean. Among the richest sources on British residents in mid-nineteenth-century Havana are British consular dispatches and the papers of the Mixed Commission for the Suppression of the Slave Trade, both at the UK's National Archives.
Luis Martinez-Fernandez, University of Central Florida


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