Re: Farm labor comment in 1962

Thank you to those who replied. Turns out, it was indeed the National Farmers Organization.
I mentioned this puzzle to an older person in the church who grew up on a dairy farm in Minnesota. Without hesitation he said, "it was the National Farmers Organization. As a young boy I remember my dad sympathizing with the cause, but since they used physical intimidation and would do things like pour sand in milk trucks, my dad couldn't join in." A younger man who overheard our conversation remembered hearing similar stories from his grandfather in central Illinois.
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Chinese place names: call for collaborative work 2

This is an update on my previous post on the same topic. Thanks to the contributuons I have received from several scholars — and I wish to express my very sincere gratitude for their time and knowledge — the list of unidentified place names has shrunk considerably from 286 names to 166 now. Rather than maintinting the original list, I submit this final list  of place names. They are those to be cracked yet, which probably means they constitute hard cases.  Some names/transliterations are clearly based on Cantonese or Minnan language.

QUERY: Rural property insurance policies

I am doing research on historic farm buildings in New Jersey. Among the most useful sources I have found are inventories in property insurance policies. Is anyone aware of collections of rural New Jersey property insurance policies in addition to those in the Salem County Historical Society, the Historical Society of Haddonfield, and the State Archives?

Re: Help identify image

Hi Rebecca, I used TinEye to track this to the Gilder Lehrman Collection, though I cannot be sure that is the original location.
The caption describes the photo: Soldiers from the Army of the James, Point of Rocks, Virginia, ca. 1864–1865. (The Gilder Lehrman Collection)
This stereocard was published as part of E & H.T. Anthony’s Photographic Incidents of the War. It doesn’t identify the "soldiers," most of whom look too young to shave.

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