Re: help with placing a student in an organization that aids refugees from Ukraine

Can you provide a few more details about any skills the student brings with them? (language or others) It would be useful information to get them connected with organizations looking for volunteers. Thanks,

Karl Krotke-Crandall

help with placing a student in an organization that aids refugees from Ukraine

One of my Tulane students is seeking to volunteer with an organization that aids (hands-on) refugees from Ukraine. He is seeking to work in Europe and is ready for a 6 month to 12 month commitment starting August-Sept. 2023. Can people make suggestions with—if possible—email contact information. Thank you.

Research Question | The Jewish Homeland Project in British East Africa

I am starting to research plans to create a Jewish homeland in the highlands of British East Africa, which were aborted in 1905. Has anyone come across mention of this in any missionary archives?

Did any missionaries oppose the plan?  Is anyone else working on this? (I know about Robert Weisbord's 1968 book, and the work of Adam Rovner.). I'm particularly interested in Jewish women's voices, which seem to be absent in the written record. 

QUERY> Scholarly writings on labyrinths?

Dear Colleagues,

Does anyone know of any scholarly writings that explore any aspect of Buddhist history, art, practice, etc. and the practice of walking labyrinths? One can google and find a lot of hits on contemporary spaces that are set up as a convergence of Buddhist-inspired mindfulness and labyrinth walking, but I am wondering if there are any historical materials that point toward something like labyrinth-like walking or labyrinth-like design associated with Buddhist institutions or practice? I will happily accept replies off-list.

Thank you,

Re: Seeking image of vehicular traffic along US Route 1

I have previously attempted to reply to this posting. The NJ Department of Transportation holds hundreds of photos of NJ roads and highways from the late 1920 s and later. They are scattered in various file drawers and folders, and some are also included in their series of Annual Reports, copies of which are also available in the State Library and Archives. The NJDOT also holds many photos in their project files, which have been archived off site. There have been many projects along the Rt. 1 corridor since the state created the original Rt.

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