Re: Vegetarianism and Veganism: readings, videos, podcasts, syllabi

What a great question as we're all gearing back up for the fall semester. I went through my files and found the following smattering of suggestions:

Ken Albala sketches "the emergence of physiological theories that first made a vegetarian diet ‘good to think’ rather than an intentional and normally religiously motivated form of self-mortification" in "The First Scientific Defense of a Vegetarian Diet," a short lecture from 2009.

The Vegetarian Song

"The Vegetarian Song," a comedy skit by American entertainer George Henry Howard Paul (1830-1905, stage name "Howard Paul"), originally performed in the vaudeville show "Patchwork" as "Mr. Shellingham Pease, The Vegetarian" and later published in London and New York in 1858. In both monologue and sung verse, the piece makes fun of fanatical vegetarians and ends with the narrator dying of a broken heart: "'Here there lies a Vegetarian, / Who has ceased to vegetate.'"

New collection of images from the Black/African Diaspora


The Getty Images Archive has posted a large collection of images of the African disapora for free non-profit use.  You can learn more at:

From the press release:

Old Book Illustrations: An Online Database Lets You Download Thousands of Illustrations from the 19th & 20th Centuries

" The online database Old Book Illustrations has catalogued thousands of these illustrations, lifted from their original context and searchable by artist name, source, date, book title, techniques, formats, publishers, subject, etc....  Old Book Illustrations presents itself as a scholarly resource, including a digitized Dictionary of the Art of Printing and sho

New oral history collection now open for research: 'Final Account – Third Reich Testimonies'

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