IN MEMORIAM> Frank E. Reynolds

Dear friends,

It is with sadness, but with celebration for a life well lived, that I forward to you here the news of Frank Reynolds' passing. As one of the mainstays of Buddhist Studies in the United States for many years, Frank was an important figure for many of us. I include below the obituary that has been circulated at the University of Chicago, where Frank spent his career.

Mangalam bhavatu.


Matthew Kapstein

EPHE, Paris, and the University of Chicago

Elizabeth A. Zachariadou (1931-2018)

It is with great grief we learned that Professor Elizabeth A. Zachariadou passed away, after a short illness, today December 26, 2018. Elizabeth Zachariadou studied at the University of Athens and at SOAS, London; she worked for many years in Montreal, Canada, before moving to the University of Crete, where she taught from 1985 to 1998. She was also (together with Prof. V.

PASSING> Thomas J.J. Altizer (1927-2018)

Dear Colleagues,

I just received word of the passing (November 28) of one of my teachers, a leading theologian who was one of the central figures in the "Death of God" dialogue that started in the 1960's, and an early important mover in the American Academy of Religion. Tom was intimate with many of us in the world of Buddhist studies. His charm, eloquence, and genius will be missed by many.




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