Re: The Death of an Adjunct

To all --

I hope that you will take the time to read The Atlantic article about Thea Hunter. I also encourage anyone who knows of any similar, verified stories of adjuncts living tenuous lives, please share them with this list. You can email them to me or simply reply to this message.

Thank you.

Howard Smead
Editor, H-Adjunct

Passing of Ora Band

H-Judaic is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Ora Band (1931-2019), who taught Hebrew language and literature at the University of Judaism (now American Jewish University) and other secondary and college-level schools in the Los Angeles area.  Ora Band helped to produce the Hebrew language series known as Shebalim, and also a Hebrew reader.  In addition, she informally helped legions of UCLA Graduate Students.    We extend deepest condolences to Ora's husband, Professor Arnold Band, to the entire Band family, and to their legions of students, colleagues and friends.  


Obituary: Prof. Shlomo Simonsohn

H-Judaic is greatly saddened to learn of the passing of Prof. Shlomo Simonsohn (1923-2019), one of Israel's most senior Jewish historians, a central figure at Tel Aviv University, a creator of the Diaspora Museum, and one of the foremost historians of Italian Jewry, author of hundreds of academic articles and numerous books, including:

Re: OBITUARY> Professor Ram Shankar Tripathi (15th October 1929 - 18th of February 2019)

Like so many others, I was saddened to hear of the recent passing of Professor Ram Shankar Tripathi. I had the distinct pleasure of studying under his direction for roughly two years in the mid 1970’s. At the time we first met I was 27 years old, Professor Tripathi would have been 48. He was then living in the faculty housing at Sanskrit University and we used to meet there in his front room. I’m sure there are many H-Net subscribers who worked with him and have their own fond memories; what follows are a few of mine I would like to share.

Thomas T. Allsen, 1940-2019

I am sad to report the death of Thomas T. Allsen, an eminent historian of the Mongol Empire and Eurasian cultural exchanges. Among his many publications, his most influential were Commodity and Exchange in the Mongol Empire. A Cultural History of Islamic Textiles (1997), Culture and Conquest in Mongol Eurasia (2001), and The Royal Hunt in Eurasian History (2006). As a friend and mentor to colleagues, he generously shared his knowledge of Inner Asian history. He will be missed sorely.


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