Seeking podcast hosts for "New Books in Biography"

The New Books Network is seeking hosts for the podcast "New Books in Biography." 

NBN hosts pick the books they cover and record the raw interviews with authors; the NBN does all audio editing, publication and promotion.

Interested parties should contact Marshall Poe at

About the New Books Network. The NBN is the largest book podcast network in the world. It reaches 750,000 listeners every month; those listeners download 3.4 million episodes a month. 

Warmest, Marshall Poe

New Podcast - Military Historians are People, Too!

We've started a new podcast on military historians and scholars of war and society, focusing on who's behind the names and faces you see on book covers and in documentaries. How did these historians get into history? What floats their boat about their special areas of study? Why do they think it matters? And what do these historians do when they are doing history? You may be surprised, but Military Historians are People, Too!

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