Re: How Do Publishers 'Really' Decide Whether to Publish Your Book Manuscript?

As one of the list moderators, I regret that you encountered snags while trying to register for this interview event. I myself just registered, using my research project name, and giving my "university" as "Independent Scholar." I hope you'll find that an approach like this will work for you. The registration page does mention that a recording will be available afterwards in case you are unable to register.
Barbara Williams Ellertson

Recent Podcasts on the New Books Network featuring books in Ukrainian Studies

Dear Colleagues,

As part of a new initiative at H-Ukraine, we are going to publish information about recently published books in Ukrainian studies that are featured on various podcasts. This month, several books were featured on the New Books Network podcast, a channel dedicated to promoting new scholarship through author interviews. Below, you will find links to the most recent podcasts featuring books in Ukrainian studies. We will add new podcast updates weekly.

H-Slavery Interview with Julia Carroll

Julia Carroll is a PhD Candidate in Boston University’s American & New England Studies Program (AMNESP). She studies histories of the Atlantic world, specifically intersections of religion, race, and the physical landscape. Her dissertation explores eighteenth-century proslavery evangelical itinerants, including George Whitefield and his Calvinist-Methodist transatlantic network, and their influence on public policy and notions of race.


To begin, tell me a bit about yourself and your scholarly work.

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