Celebration of Life for John Prados, The George Washington University

From: Malcolm Byrne <mbyrne@gwu.edu>

On Friday, May 19, 2023, a Celebration of Life for John Prados took place at The George Washington University, hosted by the National Security Archive and John's longtime partner, Ellen Pinzur.  It featured recollections by Ellen, John's daughters Tasha and Dani, as well as friends and colleagues from high school through his Vietnam War protest organizing days to his remarkably p

Does Swimming in the AI Data Lake risk sinking in the mud?

[Submitted by Margaret DeLacy, acting as subscriber]


Yesterday's Scholarly Kitchen blog carried an opinion by Roy Kaufman entitled,"Swimming in the AI Data Lake: Why Disclosure and Versions of Record Are More Important than Ever."

Kaufman points out that AI services such as Chat GPT are only as good as the materials they are trained on.  If an application is ctitical, it is important to train the program on the most reliable sources ("versions of record").

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