How Do Historians and Journalists Write History? A Response to the NYT on Haiti

Guest post from Feeding the Elephant: A Forum for Scholarly Communications.

Guest post by Courtney Pierre Joseph, assistant professor of history and African American studies at Lake Forest College; Matthew Miller, senior reporter at MLive; and Ryan Huey.

Re: ANN: Football Scholars Forum on Colombia

The audio recording from the November 9 session of the Football Scholars Forum with Pete Watson, author of *Football and Nation Building in Colombia* (Liverpool University Press, 2022).is available here: Feel free to share it widely.

Re: The Gipper Won the Cold War?

Bruce's points carry weight. Reagan's financial impacts on the American economy, concerned with defense in Europe, preceded considerably his time in office. As early as the late 1960s, none other than Democratic Party Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Mike Mansfield[Montana], already had raised issues with continued US military deployment in Europe. [1]

Re: The Gipper Won the Cold War?

Reagan did inherit the arms build up and things like the double-track decision but his administration should receive credit for expanding the former and keeping NATO leadership unified to enact the latter. The "unwavering commitment" John refers to shows up in what Dobrynin called an "uncompromising ideological offensive" and helped cast the Cold War in terms favorable to the US in a way few other politicians could have managed.

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