Seeking Titles of History Courses with a Polish Element

Dear colleagues,

I am trying to get a better sense of how American scholar-teachers incorporate Polish subjects into their teaching at American colleges and universities.  I'd be most grateful if you could send me the titles of courses you teach in which there is some Polish element. If you wish to add a sentence on what part of Polish history you cover (for courses where that may not be obvious), that would be terrific, but it is not necessary. 

Re: Accessing WHO Project Reports from the 1950s

Dear Eric,

The best place for these reports usually is IRIS, WHO's digitised institutional repository:

Unfortunately I did a search and didn't get a hit for the actual document, though you may find matches in the text of other documents (particularly those relating to the South East Asia Regional Office).

WHO has done a good job at digitising a lot of documents and putting them on IRIS, but alas, a lot of things are still in the physical archive in Geneva. The WHO archives may be able to help.

Re: Handgrenade December 2021

Stalin's Cold War Military Machine: A New Evaluation / research / library / online-reading-room / title-list-alphabetically / s / stalins-cold-war-militar... - 568k - similar pages
Nov 2, 2017 ... 41. Roman Kolkowicz, The Soviet Military and the Communist Party, Boulder: Westview Press, 1985, 71. 42. Kolkowicz,

Re: Handgrenade December 2021

We all know google hits are a fairly imprecise way to make "broad stroke assertions" about just about anything

Of course, which is why I'm not really taking much of a position except that your broad assertion needs much more in the way of evidence.

In any case, this is wandering off military history, so let's just leave it at that.


Re: Handgrenade December 2021

David, Fair critique, one should ALMOST never make an absolutist assertion.
but I will mildly challenge its substance (but not its intent).

We all know google hits are a fairly imprecise way to make "broad stroke assertions" about just about anything. For example, one might assume if one plugs in John T. Kuehn into the google search engine that one is looking at someone fairly well known to a great many people....1.3 million hits, However, that is certainly not the case.

Re: Handgrenade December 2021


Why not go with the CP SNOW Two Cultures (at least) approach? If you haven't read Snow and you read these handgrenades, you are behind. But college undergraduate classes don't assign Snow anymore, certainly not in engineering programs. 

John, you know better than to make broad stroke assertions without checking the evidence.  A google search for CP Snow on syllabi brings back a lot of hits (not all classes, but quite a few).  They do seem to be teaching it to undergraduates.

Re: Handgrenade December 2021

Marcus Jones' post is fascinating. It goes back to this tension between "strategists" and "mechanists" in the US Navy Officer Corps that Scott Mobley catalogs so well in his excellent monograph _Progressives in Navy Blue_ (Naval Institute Press, 2018). IN other words there are competing visions of professionalism in the Navy. One faction/culture sees itself as naval professionals in the conduct of peace, war and strategists, and the other as technocrat professionals.

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