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Hey, you, researchers, busy packing bags, ready to head out on an archival trip! Or those of you about to sit down at your computers and navigate a digital repository. Yes, all of you! I want to hear how your research went and so do our readers.  I’m currently looking for posts that I can edit over the summer and publish in the fall.

Re: May 2022 Handgrenade

James, They were not so much examples, as paper presented at a conference. The first presenter used the term exceptionalism, the second (Dr. Schneider) did not. Hopefully both scholars will publish the papers so you can read more.

Respectfully, Handgrenade Thrower in Chief

Re: May 2022 Handgrenade

I have definite reservations about the cited examples of "American exceptionalism".

Regarding improvised armor, the British, the Germans and the Soviets attached expedient things to their tanks to improve the armor, despite being "less mechanized" or individualistic societies than the Americans. Photos are readily found on the internet.

Taylor-Fillmore Blog Post: "Millard Fillmore's YouTube Moment"

The Correspondence of Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore has a new blog post! To see what we've been up to, the public attention Fillmore is getting, and America's response when Russia invaded a neighbor in 1849, check out "Millard Fillmore's YouTube Moment."

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