Kentucky Female School Superintendents Prior to School Suffrage in 1912

In 1912 the Kentucky General Assembly passed legislation giving literate women who otherwise met the same requirements as men, the right to vote in school elections. Sixty-one women in forty-eight counties were elected as County Superintendent of Schools in the years before this legislation was passed. Amanda T. Million was the first female superintendent in Kentucky. She was appointed in 1886 to fill her deceased husband’s unexpired term and was subsequently elected to the office twice.

TOC: Fleuves et montagnes: les défis de l'espace américains, XVIe - XVIIIe siècles (Nuevos Mundos/Mundos Nuevos - 2020)

In 2020, the journal Nuevos Mundos/Mundos Nuevos (CERMA/EHESS, Paris) published a monographic section (Debate) on rivers and mountains in the Americas, with several entries that may be of particular interest to H-Maps subscribers.   The Table of Contents of the section, coordinated by Louise Bénat-Tachot, Christophe Giudicelli and Mauricio Onetto Pavez, appears below.

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