Announcement: Call for Papers, Inscriptions from the Islamic World, AUC, 6-8 September 2019

Inscriptions in Arabic, Persian and Turkish constitute a remarkable source for the history of the Islamic world. The earliest Arabic inscriptions represent some of our earliest firmly dated Muslim sources for Islamic history, while in later periods inscriptions often constitute unique contemporary evidence for not just the building activities sponsored by rulers and high officials, but also raw historical data such as dates of rulers and events. 

MEMbership Renewal


Dear MEMbers (and prospective MEMbers),

We need you to renew your membership! Our new initiatives for the field – ranging from book and paper prizes to our peer-reviewed and open-access journal al-ʿUsur al-Wusta ( – depend on your continuing support. We ask therefore that you renew for one year ($40/individuals or $250/institutions) or for multiple years at your earliest convenience.

Canadian Oral History Association Prize

Canadian Oral History Association (COHA) Prize

The Canadian Oral History Association (COHA) Prize is awarded to an outstanding example of oral history practise.  Eligible initiatives include oral history projects, books, articles, exhibitions, films, and other activities that actively engage with oral history.  Scholarly and popular works are eligible for consideration.  Community practitioners are especially encouraged to apply.

Works produced or published in the previous year are eligible for entry.  


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