Henrietta Bronston Chenault

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Kentucky Woman Suffrage

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Richmond Cemetery

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Burial place of Henrietta Bronston Chenault (1835–1918)



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606 E Main Street

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Richmond Cemetery

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Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project

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Henrietta "Ettie" Earle Bronston Chenault (8 October 1835 – 8 January 1918) and Laura Clay called a public meeting in Lexington which formed the Fayette County Equal Rights Association on January 6, 1888. Chenault served as the founding Corresponding Secretary for FERA and two of her daughters (Pearl and Emma) were members. Together Chenault and Clay organized the 1888 tour of Zeralda Wallace, a Kentuckian from Bourbon County working for the national WCTU Franchise Department, to speak from a WCTU perspective on the need for women's suffrage. Henrietta married Dr. Robert Cameron Chenault on 22 July 1856 in Madison County and they moved to Lexington where he took a job as the Eastern Kentucky Insane Asylum Director - he also established the High Oaks Sanitarium in Lexington. They lived on South Broadway. Together they had six children, four of whom lived to adulthood. The daughters were also involved in the suffrage movement: Dr. Emily "Emma" Earle Chenault-Runyon (1857-1956) who married about 1888 Dr. Asa Runyon of Virginia; Mary Etta Chenault Bowmar (1864-1955) who married Aithison Alexander Bowmar on 14 Jun 1894 in Glenview, Jefferson County KY; and, Pearl Chenault (1867-1946) who married Dr. Silas A. Evans Jr. (who took over High Oaks Sanitarium after the death of Dr. Chenault) and was a member of the Fayette Equal Rights Assoc. from the beginning. Pearl later married Dr. Mandeville Thum, Jr. (1857-1910) of Louisville June 17, 1909 in Floyd County, Indiana, then Edward W. Drew. She is also buried in the Richmond Cemetery near her parents and brother. Dr. Chenault-Runyon earned her medical degree at the University of Michigan and practiced in Virginia; she is buried in the Lexington Cemetery near her husband. Henrietta Bronston Chenault is buried in Section B, Lot 77 of the Richmond Cemetery between her husband and son.

Reference source of Information:
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