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What's New...

Commons to be Offline for Maintenance and Bug Fixes

On or near 2 PM Eastern time today, the system administrator will take the Commons offline in order to run a maintenance routine that includes a full database backup and cleanup and a bug fix script that, fingers crossed, will squash the unsub bug.  We have cleared two hours for this maintenance.  During that time, the Commons will not be accessible.  We will go online as soon as we have the all-clear, which may be a little earlier or a little later than 4 PM.

Users attempting to access the site during that window will encounter an explanatory message.

Where's My Digest?

If your notifications are set to "digest" and you have not received a digest recently, the reason is that the flow of daily digests has been interrupted since sometime around January 6, 2013.  We are working on finding and fixing the issue.

The solution for now:

The Resetting Passwords "Loop"

Some folks are getting in a password loop where the system asks for their old password, which they have forgotten or misplaced, when they are trying to reset their Commons password. This is happening because they are still logged in to the Commons.  Usually this is because their browser remembered the old log in even if the user didn't, and kept them logged in.

If this happens to you, make sure that you are "outside" the Commons when using the emailed temporary password.  Specifically: To reset your password in the Commons:

Blogging on the H-Net Commons

Every network has the ability to create blogs and empower particular users to make posts to blogs. Editors may mark a subscriber as a blogger on their network, allowing that subscriber to make blog posts on the network. A network can have any number of blogs, and each blog can have any number of “bloggers” who can post to this blog. The creation and administration of blogs and bloggers on a Network is at the discretion of the editing team of that Network.