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Troubleshooting: Safari

Hi All,

I have trouble finding the options I need as an editor under Safari. While everything looks fine in Firefox, Safari does not provide any of the options such as "manage posts" and so on.

Best regards,

Joern, Editor at H-Sport

[Joern: Safari is a troublesome browser in the Commons.  There may be some workarounds; write to and give specific examples.  The staff can test on their Safari versions and may be able to help. Peter.]

Re: edit a published post

The body of discussion posts, blog posts, and media content types cannot be redacted after publication.  Keywords and categories for all types of content can be changed.  The link content type can be redacted after publication.

Editors can issue retractions, corrections, or addenda by using the reply box in the thread underneath the original message.  It should have the Erratum or Correction category, and they may wish to prefix the title field with one of those descriptors.

Re: Moderating Posts on Plan-Network Page

Kerrie: There is no "automatic moderation" in the Commons, so I'm not sure what process you are referring to.  It sounds like you are talking about the "reply" box beneath a message -- there is no dropdown there to set the publication status because this normally is where subscribers can submit quick replies, and not where editors process posts for publication.  The latter is always done from the moderation views.  If you click "add formatting to your reply" you'll get to a full editing view that includes the dropdown.  If this isn't what you're referring to, drop us a line at

Moderating Posts on Plan-Network Page

In the old Commons, replies that were posted in the Plan-Network page were automatically moderated, whereas now it seems to get my reply to appear, I have to go to moderate posts and change it there. It seems there's no longer a drop-down box on the page where you type a reply to change to published. Is there a way to bring back automatic moderation in the Plan-Network page? Is anyone else having this problem? 


Kerrie Holloway, Editor of H-Grad