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What's New...

Reply Screen / Douglas Priest / February 6, 2014

When clicking on a link to reply to a discussion on the Commons, you will be taken to a page like the one shown here.

If you click on "Read More or Reply" from an e-mail notification you will be taken to a page like seen here.  You can click on the reply link in the right side bar to reply to the discussion.

Commons to be Offline for Maintenance and Bug Fixes

On or near 2 PM Eastern time today, the system administrator will take the Commons offline in order to run a maintenance routine that includes a full database backup and cleanup and a bug fix script that, fingers crossed, will squash the unsub bug.  We have cleared two hours for this maintenance.  During that time, the Commons will not be accessible.  We will go online as soon as we have the all-clear, which may be a little earlier or a little later than 4 PM.

Users attempting to access the site during that window will encounter an explanatory message.

All of our other sites and services will run normally during this period.



My H-Net List is Gone. What do I do?

What happened to my list?

It moved to the Commons!  If you tried to send an email to your usual H-Net listserv address and received a rejection message, the list has probably migrated to its new home on the H-Net Commons.

What is the H-Net Commons?

What to do now?

That depends:

Where's My Digest?

If your notifications are set to "digest" and you have not received a digest recently, the reason is that the flow of daily digests has been interrupted since sometime around January 6, 2013.  We are working on finding and fixing the issue.

The solution for now: