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Re: QUERY: Articles on 18th-century Eastern Europe?

This may be a bit narrow in that it is focused on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, but in 2003 v. 4 _Zeitschrift for Ostmitteleuropa-Forschung_ published three articles by David Althorn, Lynn Lubamirsky, and myself that may be useful:

Althoen, David: Natione Polonus and the Naród Szlachecki. Two Myths of National Identity and Noble Solidarity (Zusammenfassung)
S. 475-508

Lubamersky, Lynn: Inheritance, Custom, and Economic Power among Polish Noblewomen. The Case of Barbara Radziwillowa (Zusammenfassung)
S. 509-525

Re: QUERY: Articles on 18th-century Eastern Europe?

I second the Evans recommendation, especially some of the essays in, Robert John Weston Evans, Austria, Hungary, and the Habsburgs: Essays on Central Europe, C.1683-1867 (Oxford ; New York: Oxford University Press, 2006).

I would also suggest Derek Edward Dawson Beales, Enlightenment and Reform in 18th-Century Europe, International Library of Historical Studies 29 (London: I.B. Tauris, 2005). I think that the essay in Chapter 11 "Was Joseph II an Enlightened Despot?" and Chapter 12 "Joseph II and Josephism" gives a nice overview of the Historiography.

Re: QUERY: Articles on 18th-century Eastern Europe?


The Argentine historian Ezequiel Adamovsky published an intriguing response to Wolff's thesis back in 2006. I am always surprised that more people don't know Adamovsky's work.

Here's the citation for his JMH article on the topic:

"Euro-Orientalism and the Making of the Concept of Eastern Europe in France, 1810–1880" The Journal of Modern History (Chicago), no. 77, September 2005, pp. 591–628.

And here's his website. A wide-ranging and original thinker.

Request for support: Fulbright survey

The Austrian Fulbright Commission is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year, and it is interested in identifying alumni from its programs (Fulbright grantees as well as former participants in the Austrian US Teaching Assistantship Program) who are members of HABSBURG as part of an outreach initiative.  It is asking the alumni of its programs to complete a brief survey that has been designed to track longitudinal impacts of its programs and to document former program participants’ ongoing contributions to the Fulbright Program’s mandate of the promotion of mutual