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Re: Current debate on the changes to AP world history

Anyone who reads the AP World History Course and Exam Description will see that, as Jonathan Burack points out, the current course guidelines mandate “vast and superficial coverage.” Moreover, these guidelines, specifically the lengthy Key Concept outlines, take the form of thematically organized declarative historical statements and phrases that offer AP teachers little guidance for selecting and ordering the week-to-week topics for a school year of work.

Re: Current debate on the changes to AP world history

Colleges, like my own, regularly teach a year-long, two semester, course in world history. If AP is to be AP why should it not be able to do the same, using the materials that the colleges use? And why should students not receive credit for two college courses? This will be difficult for AP students because they are so much younger than college students, and so much newer to the academic enterprise, but AP is supposed to be college level work.