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No need to study history

An interesting development regarding the elimination of meaningful historical studies in New York.  Recently, there have been some movements to fabricate/align history toward particular ideological lines in the United States as we saw in Texas and Colorado.  The recent vote by the New York State Board of Regents to "de-emphasize the study of history in the state curriculum" seems to be another move in the wrong direction.

H-Net: World History Job Guide from 20 October 2014 to 27 October 2014.

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Seeking co-panelist for WHA 2015

One of the themes for the 2015 World History Association annual meeting is “Revolutions, Rebellions and Revolts in World History.” The conference is 30 June-2 July in Savannah, GA. I would like to set up a roundtable panel on lived history. I lived through the 2011 Egyptian Revolution and subsequent counter-revolution and coup, and I would like to share my experiences both as a citizen of Cairo and a historian. I am looking for another historian who has lived through a similar experience, preferably other than the Arab Spring.