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AHA Atanta -- co-presenters and commentator

We are seeking paper presenters and a commentator for a panel at the annual meeting of the AHA in Atlanta (2016) investigating how  transnational exchanges of ideas, images, and goods shaped women’s experiences, roles, thinking, and politics during the global Cold War. To date we have papers examining this topic in the contexts of Cuba and Czechoslovakia.

Textbook Portrayals of Japan's Role in WW II

Friday's New York Times contained an article about one of the more popular textbooks used in World History courses, "Traditions and Encounters." The Japanese Prime Minister has expressed concern with the way his country is portrayed in relation to Japan role in World War II in the text. Of course, the Japanese have been engaged in this particular "History War" for decades. But I thought it was interesting to see the name of one of the field's flagship teaching texts mentioned by name as an offender of misconstruing history.