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Call for articles -- Global Food History

Call for articles:

Special issue of Global Food History on Food Commodities in Wartime

We are seeking proposals for articles on food commodities and wartime to be published in a special issue of the new, peer-reviewed journal Global Food History. The topic is geographically and chronologically open, though we are especially eager to see papers on non-U.S. topics. Papers should focus explicitly on war preparedness, wartime, or postwar reconstruction in any modern war and should foreground food. Possible topics include:

Call for Contributors -- Bulletin Meridiano 47, Special Edition on the 20th Anniversary of the WTO

On the twentieth anniversary of the World Trade Organization (WTO) initial sessions (1995), Bulletin Meridiano 47 welcomes submissions to a special edition on the organization and its role in the international economic

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Conference DEADLINE EXTENDED for World History Theory and Practice: Gender, Technology, Culture NYC May 2015

St. John's University's History department convenes its second World History Theory and Practice conference in order to advance theories and to consider practices of world history. The conference will offer panels on both research and teaching with the aim of fostering research-driven conversations on the teaching of world history. Proposals can address any one or more of the conference themes--gender, technology, culture--in world history.