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H-World and Teachers?

I can't speak for teachers generally, but I can speak for my "type" of teacher and give suggestions as to what my type of teacher would want from such a conference or resource guide. I am a dually credentialed teacher in social science and special education so I teach a self-contained special education class in the areas of world history, US history, and government/economics. I work with students who have mild/moderate disabilities. They read and write below grade level, but they often comprehend or analyze material at grade level.

H-World and Teachers?

As an editor of H-World, in addition to considering in person forums, I would appreciate if we could also consider interesting ways to utilize our new platform for such forum. Perhaps such a forum would take the form along the lines of our previous authors forums, with 3 or 4 people developing a set of introductory comments/presentations designed to get the rest of the list involved in the topic at hand.

Re: H-World and Teachers?

Dear Daniel and Christina (and anyone else following this thread),

I'd very much like to hear from you (and others) about specific elements you'd find useful in a forum (here I presume on-line, as part of H-world) or a conference (which entails travel logistics and funding challenges to bring people together) that might be different from what's already available or scheduled.