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Call for Applications: The Open Research Laboratory at Illinois

Spots are still available for the Open Research Lab (ORL), August 27 and September 29, 2018! A great time to follow-up on summer research or fit in research early in the academic year -  this program is aimed at scholars who wish to visit the University of Illinois in order to work in our Library's famous collections in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies.

Re: Digital Resources for Film in World History

Pamela McVay
Ursuline College

I don't have time for a long reply, but I have found that i get much better analysis if I provide students with a vocabulary. Film is especially complex because there are so many elements to consider.

Anyway, here are some of the tools I use to teach students how to watch film, still works of art, and music.

For Film (although a lot of this works for theater, too). The first two are the most introductory, and the second two are comprehensive:

Studylibnet _Tips on Analyzing Acting Performance_

Re: Bridging World History

I inquired of Learning.org and learned that Oregon Public Broadcasting retains the rights as that was who originally produced the series. I still use parts in my AP World History class. I had purchased the DVD set, so I have all the videos, and had also downloaded most of the readings and activities that went along with them, and have found others who had the rest. So OPB is the place to go, I believe. https://www.opb.org/

Kind regards

Mike Burns

Bridging World History

It was recently brought to my attention that infrastructural support for the video series "Bridging World History" has been discontinued and is no longer available for streaming via Annenberg Lerner, or apparently anywhere else. (I guess not everything is available via YouTube.)  Does anyone know anything about the context of the decision to discontinue access? I assume that Annenberg Lerner had distribution rights for X number of years, those rights expired and the series was removed from the website.