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H-World and Teachers?

I agree with Tom on both counts, sort of...

New teachers would greatly benefit from a conceptual understanding of the discipline they have been assigned to teach. And local workshops sponsored by the local WHA affiliates is a very good place to work on developing such an understanding. But perhaps the WHA, the WHA locals, and the H-World community could also consider utilizing the technological platform H-World offers for something other than text exchange.

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H-World and Teachers?

New teachers of World History need to develop a conceptual understanding of the discipline. Once this is accomplished, they can use it to plan, teach and assess. I agree with earlier comments that the best way for this to occur would be through local workshops sponsored by the local WHA affiliates.

H-World and Teachers?

Thank you Angie for this excellent list, which I have already tucked safely away. Although I haven't taught 8th graders, one of my go-to primary source text references for Mesopotamia is a site with translations of early cuneiform. The language is basic and easily understood, while the numerous subjects provide insight into first urban settlements, irrigation, regional commodities and trade networks, you name it. Good lead-in for Sargon, Hammurapi, etc. Your class sounds terrific. Lucky students!