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The Muqaddimah and other books of importance to the field?

Many thanks for posting this notice! I had a student in my Black Death class this spring read the whole of the Muqaddimah (in Rosenthal's translation). She concluded (as have others before her) that despite losing most of his family to the first wave of the Black Death in 1348-49, Ibn Khaldun barely talks about it in his long text. But I'd love to see people revisit this assumption that that worst of all pandemics had no effect on his thinking. First, we are still in need of a translation of his autobiography, which may have more revealing clues in it.

The Muqaddimah and other books of importance to the field?

Got this story via Craig Lockhard. Below please find a story about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Ibn Khaldun's The Muqaddimah. Rarely does a book of such importance to the field get such a high profile plug. Prof. Prins mentioned Eric Wolf's, Europe and the People without History  a few weeks ago.... What are some other world history classics (some obvious and some maybe not so obvious) that you think should be on world history teachers' and practitioners' summer reading list.

WHA Savannah 2015, Program

The World History Association's Annual Conference program (this summer in Savannah, GA) can be accessed on-line at: http://wha_savannah_2015.shdlr.com. [Please note: we have heard that the program does not work well on Internet Explorer, but seems to work fine on Chrome. Additionally, this is an evolving document and continues to change as plans are finalized].