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Climate and Disease in Medieval Eurasia, in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History (2018)

Dear Colleagues,

The following essay has just been released open-access. You may find this summary handy for reference or teaching purposes. Note that it includes sections at the end on the historiography of the fields of climate and disease history; information on primary sources and links to digital materials; and a list of Further Reading.

Here's the citation and link:

Re: Farewell and Thanks!

Dear Christoph,
THANK YOU for your service to the world history community, and for all the work you have put in to H-world on behalf of the community here. I hope we'll all still be reading posts from you.


Laura Mitchell
UC Irvine

Re: Farewell and Thanks!

I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank Christoph Strobel for his stewardship of H-World these past four years. His dedication and daily attention to keeping us connected to relevant world history discussions and announcements has been a great service to all of us. While editing H-World, Christoph also continued his commitment to teaching and research at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.