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Re: Teaching World History and Current Events

If, after a semester of working specifically to educate students about critical use and evaluation of news sources, one of my students told me that “I now get my news primarily from the New York Times daily briefing instead of social media. I have developed this news habit because the NYT really seems to be, like, a reliable source of information,” I would probably give that student a failing grade.

Unless, that is, I found after further questioning that the student had a wicked sense of humor. That might earn a A.

Teaching World History and Current Events

I thought this essay below might provide some interesting food for thought to some. Personally, ever more so, I find the issue of news, social media, and current events literacy in the classroom a pedagogical challenge. Yet, at the same time, I see it as a central part of the general education mission. In case you haven't seen the article.... Additional suggestions, critiques, and further food for thought are always welcome.