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Re: The Future of the History Major

Great piece. Hard to gainsay. Thanks very much for posting it, Larry Grant. The decline of history is the fault of historians, no one else. As soon as we recognize this truth, the sooner we can fix the problem. The solution is simple, as the two distinguished authors of this piece suggest. We need to start teaching history that matters again. With that very thought in mind, a few years ago I started teaching--

CfP: Journal of the History of Ideas Graduate Symposium (May 2019)

The Journal of the History of Ideas and the University of Pennsylvania invite graduate students to propose papers for this intensive one-day interdisciplinary symposium on “Reception? Challenging and Defending Canons.”

To apply, please email a 500-word paper proposal and CV to blogjhi@gmail.com by January 20. Selected applicants will be notified by early February 2019. Please direct any questions to blogjhi@gmail.com. Reimbursement for some travel expenses will be available.

Re: The Future of the History Major

Hi Eric,
If you're looking for specific evidence/ammunition for successful career outcomes for history majors:

Here's a list of CEO's with liberal arts degrees (Carly Fiorina of HP studied Medieval history as u/g)

and the careers list from the AHA: