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Fellowships Available from Consortium for History of Science, Technology & Medicine

The Consortium for History of Science, Technology and Medicine invites applications for research fellowships in the history of science, technology and medicine, broadly construed. These fellowships are open to scholars at all stages of their academic career, and will support research travel to Consortium member institutions when research activities can resume.

Re: COVID 19 and the (Ir)relevance of World History

It seems to me this epidemic challenges above all the view of globalization as a transcending of the nation state and as an emerging civilization based on some sort of solid institutional and political new world order. One central aspect of this challenge has to do with China's place in this order. China appears to have acted in an extremely reckless manner to protect its own national and imperial interests in this. In what sense can one speak of it as truly "integrated" into the spirit as well as the institutional matrix of this world order?