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mathematical models and historical dynasties in world history

I will provide mathematical power progression models of historical dynasties anywhere in world, from the beginning of agriculture up to World War I. If you can provide beginning and end dates for the dynasty, I can provide data tables and plots that model the rise and fall in power of a dynasty. To what extent are these models accurate? That is up to you to evaluate as you desire! (This approach is highly experimental, but derived from well-established physics).

Defining World History vs. Global History

In his recent post on March 31, Cristoph Strobel highlighted the important questions and critiques of the world history field by the final panel at the NERWHA symposium last Saturday. One of the issues brought up by Prasannan Parthasarathi (Boston College) and Govind Sreenavasan (Brandeis University) was the need to more clearly define labels, particularly those of global and world history.