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Search for a New World History Textbook for Secondary Education

Our AP World Students use Ways of the World and we also offer a World History course that covers pre-historic to 1750 in which we use Prentice Hall's World History. I am a former university professor and have found that although the World History text is more pedantic, it is much more student friendly.

Search for a New World History Textbook for Secondary Education

My department just started offering a World History course last term, and when the three of us who were going to be teaching it sat down to choose a text we had a few basic criteria. First, it had to come in a single volume because it is a one-term class. Second, it should model a thematic / comparative approach and discuss different parts of the world in the same chapter. Third, it had to include a variety of primary sources right in the text. And finally, it had to be available in a variety of affordable formats - no small issue when the Canadian dollar is so weak against the US.

Re: Teaching World History in the Age of Black Lives Matter

Jonathan Burack,

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post. I'm excited that you found a lot of "interesting references" in the portion of my post after the note on language. That ultimately was the intention of the post - to spend some time reflecting on a wide range of material - some more traditional historical sources, some more popular articles - that would help teachers make the teaching of African, black, and African-American topics in world history more engaging and meaningful.