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H-World and Teachers?

If I may add to various of the points raised here:

(1) As a community college instructor, I have basically "learned on the job" when it comes to teaching world history (I mostly teach online and cover the first half). It would be a wonderful opportunity if there were a way to either have more local workshops, where HS & college faculty could come together and spend a week or so "catching up" with some of the newer research as well as approaches to teaching world history. 

Defining World History vs. Global History

As a classmate of Jordan's, I can relate that the issues raised in her post were the subject of lively debate in our class, especially Olstein's attempts to neatly delineate world and global history, as well as the ten other categories mentioned by Jordan: comparative, relational, international, transnational, sociological, civilizational, ocean, world-system, global, history of globalization, world, and big histories.