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Deadline Extended to 3 March 2017: International Conference on Labour, Working Animals, and Environment in the Indian Ocean World

International Conference on Labour, Working Animals,
and Environment in the Indian Ocean World

Indian Ocean World Centre (IOWC) McGill University
Montreal, Canada
4 and 5 May 2017

In Memoriam and on Book Ends

It is about a year now since Patrick Wolfe passed away. He defined the concept and field of “settler colonialism.” Undoubtedly, many on H-World will be familiar with his work. But those who are not, his last book, Traces of History: Elementary Structures of Race (London: Verso, 2016), might be of particular interest to world historians.

Re: Disease and World History

Thanks to Monica Green for her reply in this thread on infectious diseases in the Americas. It made me realize that I wanted to clarify my last post, in which I referenced the statistical mantra that "correlation is not causation", and suggested that there were social and economic roots to the plummeting population of the Americas.