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The state of world history

Dear Prof. Ciotola et al.

Regarding the possible use of a theoretical perspective in world history:
Over the past 30 years I have been using the approach advocated by the late German sociologist Norbert Elias (1897-1990) for analyzing world history at all possible scales. This approach is based on explaining human behavior by looking at their interdependency relations throuhgn power balances.

The state of world history

Professor Brown,

Apologies!  I would be happy to discuss frameworks on this forum, but I didn't want to "hijack" the post, and it never occurred to me that our profile do not have a "private message" option.

Since you first mentioned the issue, would you like to create a new post on h-net for this discussion? Otherwise my preferred email is: ciotola at sfsu dot edu.

The state of world history

I’ve been enjoying the discussion, but want to inject myself, to pick up on some issues that were raised:

Discussing issues such as the “relevance” or the “state of the field” of “world history” at the WHA conference or at the regional affiliates is certainly important. I would be happy to meet and be part of that discussion in Savannah and beyond.