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The state of world history

Professor Brown,

Apologies!  I would be happy to discuss frameworks on this forum, but I didn't want to "hijack" the post, and it never occurred to me that our profile do not have a "private message" option.

Since you first mentioned the issue, would you like to create a new post on h-net for this discussion? Otherwise my preferred email is: ciotola at sfsu dot edu.

The state of world history

I’ve been enjoying the discussion, but want to inject myself, to pick up on some issues that were raised:

Discussing issues such as the “relevance” or the “state of the field” of “world history” at the WHA conference or at the regional affiliates is certainly important. I would be happy to meet and be part of that discussion in Savannah and beyond.

The state of world history

I absolutely agree Harald Prins that what is needed in world history (or global history) is a comprehensive theoretical framework that enables us (and, importantly, our students and the general public) to better understand, interpret, and explain our world as it continues to change.

I am extremely interested in this goal, and would appreciate the opportunity to work with others towards achieving it.