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Re: Teaching History Backwards

My 2 cents worth: I used this approach the last two times I taught World Civ II (1500-present). In each case I taught a small class of about 25 students and utilized a modified flipped classroom approach as well as classroom discussion of primary sources (class discussions varied from about 15 minutes in length to the entire class period of 75 minutes depending on the topic).

MY response to this approach was "meh" and I am reverting to the regular 1500 to the present approach this fall.

Re: Teaching History Backwards

For what it is worth, I have hemmed and hawed about doing the exact same thing for my entire career. I remember discussing the idea with one of my professors when I was working on my masters back in 1995. He encouraged me to set my very first course up that way, concerned that this is the kind of thing that is easy to put off until "one day." I did not head his advice and here we are 25 years later and every term I think "I should do it."