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Peru Seminar Global History

Dear colleagues,

San Marcos University is an old university that has begun to promote world history. 

Alberto De Bernardi (Bologna University) will give a lecture on May 26 and 28 in the Auditorium Jose Maria Arguedas Faculty of Social Science Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. For more information please see the link below. 



world history teaching and research

In your respective state's (or, if you are outside the US: national, province, federal, regional, state, etc) world history teaching standards, are there certain topics/subjects that you have a hard time getting information/teaching resources for? If so, what are they? Are there topics that you think should be emphasized more? If so, what should your K12 curric. emphasize? Do you have any suggestions on how researchers and educators could help improve this situation with new findings and by creating new resources?