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Sad news: Will Bagley

Hello everyone. I regret to report the news of the death of Will Bagley, the wildly prolific and talented historian of Utah and the West. Will won the Caughey prize for Blood of the Prophets, just one of his many books. Will was always generous and helpful to me and my students, and he was a wonderful editor and collaborator on Playing with Shadows, part of the Kingdom in the West series he edited for Arthur Clark. And he was a hilarious and warm friend. I will miss the little man with the big voice and the big brain. 



What if your research could be read by millions of people?

I am delighted to invite you to a discussion with Bruce Wilson, Chief Innovation and Development Officer at 'The Conversation'. Bruce has helped thousands of scholars turn their research into impactful news stories and commentary that reaches millions of readers in major media outlets such as The Washington Post, CNN, Scientific American, and the Associated Press daily feed.