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2017-2018 Massachusetts Historical Society Seminar Series

The first session of the Modern American Society & Culture Seminar will take place on September 26, when Carlo Rotella will present Lost Cities of Chicago’s South Side, with comment by Samuel Zipp. From the midwest we travel to Los Angeles and New York, and the moral panics that colored perceptions of poor women during the Depression. We will examine citizenship and disenfranchisement in the early 20th-century U.S.-Mexico borderlands of Arizona, and the cultural climate that, for a time, placed the Manson Family at the center of L.A.’s social scene.

HSSC 2018 Conference “From the Cold War to the Space Race: Science, Technology, and Society in Southern California” Proposal Deadline- September 1, 2017

The Historical Society of Southern California
2018 Annual Conference
“From the Cold War to the Space Race: Science, Technology, and Society in Southern California”
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
February 10, 2018

New Article of Interest in the Pacific Historical Review

The Pacific Historical Review recently published the following article that may interest H-WEST list subscribers:


- “Before the Medicine Line: Blackfoot Trade Strategy and the Emergence of the Northwest Plains Borderlands, 1818-1846,” by Ryan Hall

This article can be accessed via the following link: http://phr.ucpress.edu/content/86/3

Louise Pubols

We note with sadness the news from the Western History Association of the death of our friend and colleague, Louise Pubols. We extend our sympathies and best wishes to her family.


Jeff Nichols

Photographs of Countercultural Celebrations in Northern New Mexico

Readers of H-West may enjoy Benjamin Klein's recent photo essay "Photographs of Countercultural Celebrations in Northern New Mexico." It is posted on H-Celebration and describes, with photos, the wedding and Fourth of July celebrations of The Hog Farm and other 1960's American countercultural communities in New Mexico.