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Re: Mongolian cowboys?

It would not surprise me if some "Mongols" joined the Chinese, but I have to ask what is meant by techniques that were Mongol?  I suspect that it could just as likely be Dungans (Chinese Muslims, also called Hui), perhaps Buriats (also Mongolian), Kazakhs, or Kyrgyz and the name applied was "Mongol" in the same way lots of Arabs were described simply as Syrians.  The riding and livestock breeding was comparable throughout inner Asia, so they might not have been Mongolian but were from one of the many nomadic peoples and called Mongols by those who saw them riding.  It's harder to detect by

Some Creative Thought on Frontiers

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Dear All,

I am forwarding (below) a brief essay, written collectively by my students, that I thought might intrigue some H-West readers. We welcome any thoughts and responses.


Andrew Offenburger
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of History
Yale University

Some Collective Thoughts on Frontiers