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CFP: Proposals sought for short essays on woman suffrage for NPS series

by Tamara Gaskell

In preparation for the upcoming anniversary of passage of the Nineteenth Amendment granting women the right to vote, the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers and the National Park Service is seeking proposals for brief essays on the woman suffrage movement.

Seeking Participants for OAH 2019 Panel on Work and Environment in Resource Extraction Towns

We are seeking one to two panelists as well as a chair/commentator for a 2019 OAH panel examining the experiences of workers in company towns and resource extraction towns.  In keeping with this year’s conference theme of “The Work of Freedom,” this panel will explore what freedom meant to the employers and laborers in hinterland resource extraction communities.  How and why did employers attempt to limit workers’ freedoms in industrial communities?  How did employers’ desire to restrict working-class autonomy shape the built and physical environments of resource extraction communities?  Ho

Suzanne and Caleb Loring Fellowship on the Civil War, its Origins, & Consequences

The Boston Athenaeum and the Massachusetts Historical Society will offer at least one Suzanne and Caleb Loring Fellowship on the Civil War, its Origins, and Consequences. The recipient will conduct research for at least four weeks at each institution. The fellowship carries a stipend of $4,000 for a total of eight weeks of research.

HSSC 2018 Conference “From the Cold War to the Space Race: Science, Technology, and Society in Southern California" (February 10, 2018)

You are invited to attend The Historical Society of Southern California's 2018 Annual Conference
“From the Cold War to The Space Race: Science, Technology, And Society In Southern California”

February 10, 2018
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Pomona, CA

Pre-registration is available until February 3, 2018, through Eventbrite at https://hssc2018conference.eventbrite.com

On-site registration rates will be higher.

2018 Conference Program