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Account of a 19th-century Slave Ship

Richard Carr McClement (1836–1871) served as a surgeon for the Royal Navy from 1857 until his early death. While staying in Freetown (Sierra Leone) onboard HMS Buffalo in January 1861, he witnessed the arrival of the slave ship Clara Windsor from Baltimore, which had been captured by HM Gunboat Espoir near Ascension Island. Destined for Cuba, the Clara Windsor carried 753 male and female slaves. McClement inspected the bark before the freed slaves were brought ashore.

Fort São Jorge da Mina

Erected in 1482 by Portuguese at present-day Elmina (Ghana), fort São Jorge da Mina served as entrepôt for the colonial trade, particularly for the slave trade, until into the nineteenth century. It is the oldest fort built by Europeans in Africa south of the Sahara and played an important role for the Portuguese and Dutch colonial empires.

Date: 7 September 2008

Author: Felix Schürmann

Source: own work