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CFP: African Popular Music: True Voice of the People?

Perhaps for reasons related to intellectual elitism or simply because of the lack of an effective means of analysis, African popular arts (Modern African music in particular) keep on being pushed to the margins of academic discourse on postcolonial cultural identities. To this day and more than not, in classroom discussions on African culture(s), a place of pride is ascribed to literature (at films at times) despite the high rate of illiteracy and difficulty distributing them, which makes these products utterly inaccessible to the masses.

CFP: Hegemony and Domination in Translation Studies

More often than not, translation has been defined as “reproducing the message” of the original text into the target language-culture (Nida & Charles Taber).* Ideology and its attendant tendency to dominate the other have also been a full-fledged part of translation (theory and criticism). However, the presence of ideology and power (culture) in translation has not been largely examined and interrogated. Reproduction of the message has always been laden with the weight of ideology and power of the translator whether s/he be the dominant / (ex-)colonizer or the dominant/ (ex-)colonized.