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Update on closure of Senegalese National Archives

As many list members are probably aware, the National Archives of Senegal have been closed since October 2014 for much-needed renovations to the building. Having visited the archives earlier this month, I thought it would be helpful to share that they will in all likelihood remain closed for several more months at least. Though in Dakar I heard that there were plans to open a sort of off-site annex where documents could be consulted, this seems unlikely for the time being.

Europe and Europe in the World: The Politics of Belonging and Social Inclusion

Greetings, we welcome your attendance at the following symposium on July 8th at Science Po. The program follows.

Kind regards,

Karen Farquharson, Associate Dean and Professor, Swinburne University, Australia 

Trica Danielle Keaton, Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University, USA

Europe and Europe in the World: The Politics of Belonging and Social Inclusion

Mini-symposium at the 2015 Council for European Studies Annual Meeting

CfP: Seventh International Congress of Maritime History Conference

This is a cross-posting from H-Maritime, added here because I heard from the Organising Committee that they are particularly interested in contributions from the field of African maritime history, especially by researchers from Africa. The submission deadline for paper proposals has been extended to 31 October 2015.


Call for Papers: Seventh International Congress of Maritime History Conference

Re: Hamdallaye - first planned capital in Africa?

Perhaps a bit of clarification: Thinking here of the kind of planning and creating of a capital city in a new location (not expanding an existing town) along the lines of Washington, Brasilia, Canberra, and Abuja. Another 19th century African example might be Addis Ababa.

Segou, for example, was evidently a market town before the founding of the kingdom that we know by its name. This is not to say that it and other capitals did not ultimately involve some degree of planning, as they must have in response to growth and the needs of state.