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Recent Content

Irene Ledesma Prize for PhD Research

PhD students carrying out research that contributes to gender and/or women's history in the North American West should consider applying for the Irene Ledesma Prize sponsored by the Coalition for Western Women's History. Applications are due May 15, 2015.


Civil War and the American West: 2 new books and an exhibition

The University of California Press has just released two volumes on the Civil War and the American West, in cooperation with the Autry National Center's upcoming exhibition, “Empire and Liberty: The Civil War and the West,” April 25, 2015–January 3, 2016. More details about the exhibition and its artifacts here: http://civilwar.theautry.org/

Autry Public History Prize for 2015

The Western History Association invites nominations for the 2015 Autry Public History Prize. The Autry Public History Prize is awarded annually to media exhibits, public programs, or written works that contribute to a broader public reflection and appreciation of the past or serve as a model of professional public history practice in the history of the North American West. The award consists of a $1,000 prize and a certificate to the award recipient. The prize is made possible by the generous support of the Autry National Center.