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Re: Sad News: Robert M. Utley

Very tragic news. I knew Robert for years from the time he spoke at a tiny American Indian museum I 2as managing in the Chicago area, through my time in the National Park Service, and beyond via occasional communication. He was a great man, kind and sharing and a magnificent historian with a heart as big as the west he loved so much.

Patrick R. Jennings

Sad News: Robert M. Utley

Elaine Nelson at the Western History Association shares the sad news of the death of Robert M. Utley on June 7 at the age of 92. Utley was a prolific and influential Western historian. He co-founded the WHA in 1961 and served as its president in 1968. He won the Association's Caughey prize in 1994 for the best book in Western history, and the WHA's best book on the military history of the frontier and Western North America is named for him. As of 2016, he had published 22 books. Follow this link to Utley's own site.