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The Transcontinental Railroad - the Native American Experience

With the approach of the Sesquicentennial of the Transcontinental Railroad we have an opportunity to update some of  the displays in museums that focus on railroad history in Utah.  I am looking for information that might give insight into the Native American experience - impact of, experiences with, reactions to, or uses made of the railroad.  I've already come across some interesting material on the railroad's impact on the spread of the ghost dance.  I'd be grateful for any pointers to other resources or sources of material that might be of use.

Mining the Logs

Hello everyone. H-Net has been working on their "Mining the Logs" project for the past year. Both mining and logs seem particularly appropriate for H-West. There's many years' worth of valuable material in there. H-Net describes it thus:

"The project is a transfer of relevant resources, discussions, queries, syllabuses and more from the archives of the old platform: h-net.org. To do this, we looked through the archive month by month and selected titles that appeared multiple times, then we created an “advanced search” and made a view to contain only that discussion."