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Recent Content

CFP: "Remote Sensing: Visual Culture in the American West in Modernity and After" College Art Association 2018

In 1991 William Truettner’s exhibition “The West as America” submitted our mythic images of the “Old West” to the methods of what was then called “new art history,” setting frontier imagery in conversation with the anxieties of the industrial and post-industrial ages. Despite the efforts of art historians in the 1990s to pierce the veil of these myths, recent scholarship such as Philipp Kaiser and Miwon Kwon’s Ends of the Earth, has exposed the ways that contemporary art has also treated the West as an imaginary place, remote from contemporary art and politics.

CFP: Edges of the Great Salt Lake

The winter 2019 issue of Utah Historical Quarterly will focus on a special theme: the edges of the Great Salt Lake, where the water meets the land. We welcome short or long research articles, biographies, primary documents, photographic essays, and archaeological field notes and case studies related to that dynamic border. We are especially interested in wetlands, waterfowl hunting, bird refuges, boats, and development along the lake's edges. We also welcome essays that examine the lake in a larger environmental and cultural context.