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Call for Panelists (WHA 2019): Considering the Cold in the West

My colleague Mette Flynt and I are seeking one or two additional participants to join us in discussing cold environments in the West at the 2019 meeting of the Western History Association in Las Vegas. We encourage papers from an array of subfields and are open to creativity in geography and periodization.

Call for Panelists: Western History Association, Las Vegas, Nevada 2019: "Monopolies on Violence"

My colleague Ian Lee and I are presently seeking panel members for the 2019 WHA conference in Las Vegas. Our panel is tentatively entitled “Monopolies on Violence,” referencing philosopher Max Weber’s theories on this topic as a determining factor in the creation of a statehood.  We are interested in examining the ways in which the violence is used not just a weapon of war or physical intimidation, but also as a tool of societal unification and power consolidation.