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H-Water Editorial Changes

Dear H-Water Subscriber,

On behalf of the new and growing editorial team at H-Water, I am excited to announce that we have some big changes in store for this network. For the first time since its creationH-Water will soon be staffed by a team of editors from across the globe, representing a broad range of interests and expertise. With your participation, we plan to shape H-Water into a dynamic and authoritative forum for historical water research. 

Visiting Scholar Program: Mershon Center for International Security Studies ("security" is broadly conceived)

Dear Colleagues,

I want to call your attention to the following visiting scholar opportunity.  Please NOTE that the center has a very broad definition of "security" (it has funded projects on the history of Native American history, water control, intra-state violence/pacification, etc.).  I would love to see a strong pool of applicants who specialize in any water-related research.  Please consult the URL below for program details and links to broader Mershon Center Activities.

Philip Brown