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Re: Query: Russian Views of Strategy

In my checkered career, I once had to try and distill certain bases of USSR military strategy and tactics for Air Staff (HQ USAF) for something or another. Obviously, I can't tell you about it, even if I could remember. But, there was something that has stuck with me to this day. Every single professional military publication I used began and ended with a panegyric to Marxist/Leninist theory which made it all possible, although to outsiders it was not relevant. This even included (real example) an airborne battalion assault on a river crossing!

Re: Query: Looking for sources concerning the medical mission on 25 and 26 Dec 1944 in support of the 101st Airborne Division at Bastogne.

A friend (fellow Air Force brat) has shared in another forum the memoir of his late father who was a US glider pilot during the Second World War. It corroborates Gordon Rottman's point that glider aircrew and ground crew were assigned to troop carrier squadrons and not to infantry units. This particular man belonged to the 91st Troop Carrier Squadron. As I recall it, glider crew also worked on the transports and performed any number of other squadron duties. The glider pilots appear to have sat co-pilot on many routine flights.