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Re: Re: Hand Grenade of the Week

I've followed this discussion with interest and today stumbled on an illustration that captures the perfect tactical solution to this classroom conundrum. Since H-War doesn't seem to allow posting a pic, here's the link: https://lazarusdodge.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/attention-please.jpg

[ED NOTE:  Actually, part of the advantage of the new system:  pictures!]

Re: Re: Hand Grenade of the Week

I believe it goes like this:

My area of expertise: common knowledge that every student should know as a matter of cultural literacy.
Your area of expertise: esoteric trivia that nobody should be expected to know. They can always look it up on wiki.

Joking aside, I was stunned to read that military officers taking a course on sea power did not have any basic knowledge about the Falklands War. But apparently that was the case.