H-Utopia, like the 25-year-old Society for Utopian Studies, is devoted to discussion of utopianism in all its forms, from literary expression to policy analysis to architectural criticism to activism. Our focus is on the forms, contents, and influence of utopian/dystopian thinking.

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Holiday Gift Ideas: Three New Books on U.S. Utopianism


A nice review of three new books on U.S. utopian communities and ideas:


Happy Holidays!


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Utopia at ASA in Denver!

Those of you attending the ASA in Denver should be interested in the following panel:

Utopian Activity at the Fin de siècle as a Search for Home

Sun, November 20, 8:00 to 9:45am, Level 3, Mineral Hall D

Introduction & Comments: Etta Madden, Missouri State University

Aesthetics and the Ends of Altruria: Utopian Fiction in Theory and Practice

H. T. Chang, Pennsylvania State University, University Park Main Campus

Forthcoming Digital Edition, "Equality--a Political Romance."

Dear Utopians,

One of my colleagues is producing a new digital edition of _Equality: A Political Romance_.  He would like to invite you to include it in  your spring classes, and to post pedagogical reflections on the experience on his blog: the "Just Teach One Project."  Hopefully utopian scholars will enjoy & benefit from this new resource.  Best, Carrie Hintz, Queens/CUNY