H-Utopia, like the 25-year-old Society for Utopian Studies, is devoted to discussion of utopianism in all its forms, from literary expression to policy analysis to architectural criticism to activism. Our focus is on the forms, contents, and influence of utopian/dystopian thinking.

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Call for Contributions

Call for Contributions

Utopianism, Feminism, Environmentalism and Political Thought [Working Title]: Essays in Honor of Lucy Sargisson on the Occasion of Her Retirement

Edited by Raffaella Baccolini and Lyman Tower Sargent

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Due June 15, 2018

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January 15, 2019

Society for Utopian Studies 2018 Awards

This message is a reminder that the deadline for submissions for this year's Arthur O. Lewis Award is March 15th, 2018. The Lewis Award is given for the best presentation at the prior year's conference by an untenured scholar. All qualified presenters are encouraged to submit an article-length version of their paper to the Awards Committee.

The Awards Committee also seeks nominations for the following awards: 

CfA - Summer School & Research Seminar: “Cities in Flux: Ethnographic and Theoretical Challenges” - Cambridge, UK, 23-29 July 2018

This five-day Summer School and two-day Seminar – organised and hosted by Anglia Ruskin University under the auspices of the International Urban Symposium (IUS) – will bring together social anthropologists, sociologists, urban planners, architects, and human geographers committed to empirically-grounded analysis of cities in order to examine a number of pressing methodological and theoretical questions relating to urban change.