H-Utopia, like the 25-year-old Society for Utopian Studies, is devoted to discussion of utopianism in all its forms, from literary expression to policy analysis to architectural criticism to activism. Our focus is on the forms, contents, and influence of utopian/dystopian thinking.

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Call for Support: Synanon Project



I’d like to ask your support for an effort to preserve important film, video and audio recordings in the Synanon archive.


Synanon was an intentional community in California that grew out of an innovative addiction rehab program at the beginning of the 1960s, and became one of the most successful – and controversial – communes in the United States. Synanon evolved into a Utopian movement and then a pseudo-religion, before finally collapsing amid the ‘cult scare’ of the 1980s.


Literary Utopia Research

Journal of German Language and Literature is a peer-reviewed journal, which is published since 1954 by the Department of German Language and Literature at Istanbul University. At the beginning its mission was to provide Turkish Germanists a platform to publish their studies in the field of German language and literature. Today it focuses on intercultural and contrastive studies (mostly German and Turkish) in the fields of literature, linguistics, cultural studies and language education. Since 2009 it is published two times a year.