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Jeremy D. Popkin
Jonas Kauffeldt

Kauffeldt on Popkin, 'From Herodotus to H-Net: The Story of Historiography'

Jeremy D. Popkin. From Herodotus to H-Net: The Story of Historiography. New York: Oxford University Press, 2015. xv + 251 pp. $24.95 (paper), ISBN 978-0-19-992300-7.

Reviewed by Jonas Kauffeldt (University of North Georgia)
Published on H-USA (September, 2016)
Commissioned by Donna Sinclair

[Seminar] Asia-Pacific Studies Seminar at Osaka University 23 September

Dear Colleagues:

We will have an Asia-Pacific Studies Seminar at Osaka University on 23 September (Friday).
Here is our seminar format.
1.Presenters submit their seminar papers prior to the seminar.
2.All the participants are requested to read all the seminar papers. 
3.Presentation: about 15 minutes
4.All the participants are expected to be commentators.
5.Discussion: 40-45 minutes. 

ANN: H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report for H-Announce: 12 September - 19 September

The following jobs were posted to the H-Net Job Guide from 12 September 2016 to 19 September 2016. These job postings are included here based on the categories selected by the list editors for H-USA.



College of William and Mary - Lecturer in History and NIAHD



Duquesne University - Assistant Professor in Public History, American/U.S. History