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The Plow That Broke the Plains

The Pare Lorentz film sponsored by the Resettlement Adminstration that brought the Dustbowl phenomenon to national prominence in 1936. 

Call for Editors, H-US1918-45

H-US1918-45 seeks to build a team of volunteers to serve as editors and review editors for the network. Editors will be trained to use the H-Net Commons, our new content management platform, to moderate discussions, build content-rich projects for teaching and scholarship in the field of mid-20th century American history (roughly 1918-45), and collaborate in the management of the network.

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Dear Subscribers,

As you are now able to see, we have made the transition to the new platform.

Although I am still learning the ropes, this is a much more user-friendly format that lends itself to a cooperative editorial effort. For all my good intentions, over the past two years I found myself limited in my ability to make use of the help offered to me. For that I am sincerely sorry.