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Re: Pledge of Allegiance and Salutes

The hand salute for the Pledge of Allegiance pre-WWII was not exactly the same as a Nazi salute.  In the Nazi salute, the palm was down.  In the Pledge of Allegiance salute, the palm was up.

There's a history of the Pledge of Allegiance (sorry, I cannot recall a citation) which provides information about this as well as many other aspects of its history that may be surprising.

Robert Cherny

Re: Pledge of Allegiance and Salutes

I recommend you seek out evidence that might or might not corroborate the claims about the former mayor giving a Nazi salute.  When I researched the May 1942 charges that Angelo Rossi, San Francisco's mayor, and Sylvester Andriano, a city police commissioner had given the Fascist salute in public speeches, I discovered that the claims were malicious falsehoods deliberately intended to slander Rossi and Andriano by political rivals of the two men.

Pledge of Allegiance and Salutes

I am writing a book on the impact of WW II on Cincinnati, OH. I have sifted through the papers of the Jewish Community Relations Committee at the American Jewish Archives. I came across a memo written by a JCRC person who infiltrated a German American society meeting in February 1942 to determine if the club's activities were in any way pro-Nazi. The key note speaker was the mayor of the city who had in the past made a habit of showing up at the meetings of the local chapter of the American First Committee.