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Call for Papers--Edited Volume on Black Women's Internationalism

Call for Papers: Edited Collection on Black Women’s Internationalism

Editors: Tiffany M. Gill and Keisha N. Blain

CFP: 2015 CAA “The Not-So-Silent Partner: Artistic Practice and Collaboration”

The use of the term collaboration today implies social engagement and relational aesthetics to the extent that earlier instances of collaboration are often discussed relative to these developments in contemporary art history. This session considers how collaboration is, and has always been, a vital part of the artistic process by including parties or relationships previously thought to be inconsequential. Specifically, we look to explore how collaboration is manifested in the conceptualization of a work and in the form that work takes. Thus, we ask what an investigation that focuses more on the conceptual and/or dialogical research process may yield? Do seemingly inconsequential ephemeral materials help illuminate the relationship between an artist and her collaborators?