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Recent Content

H-US-Japan: New Articles of Interest in the Pacific Historical Review


18 December 2018


The Pacific Historical Review recently published the following articles that may interest H-Amstdy list subscribers:


- “‘To Make the World One in Christ Jesus’: Transpacific Protestantism in the Age of Empire,” by Gavin James Campbell


- “‘A Crossfire Between Minorities’: Black-Japanese Relations and the Empire Quota in the Postwar Campaign to Repeal Asian Exclusion,” by Jane Hong


H-US-Japan: TOC Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, Vol. 16, No. 19


18 December 2018


We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of the Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus (Volume 16, No. 19).  This issue features:

"Discussing the Wave of Books on Nippon Kaigi, the Rightwing Mass Movement that Threatens Japan's Future"
By SAITO Masami, NOGAWA Motokazu, and HAYAKAWA Tadanori (translated by Miho MATSUGU) with an Introduction by Sven SAALER